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I totally agree TMH that the rebounding is primarily a coaching issue, but I don’t think you need to be a former player or former big guy to coach forwards and centers. The most renowned big man coach in hoops history, Pete Newell, I believe was only 6’2. Any college basketball coach in the country who teach how to box out in less than 5 minutes. My issue with the coaches is that it doesn’t appear they are making this a point of emphasis. We could have won the Fordham and Houston games with a better performance on the glass.

I 100% believe that JC and TK could be doing more on the boards than they are. I say start CB and JG and send a message to TK and JC that their minutes are going to suffer until they dedicate themselves more to the glass. Who doesn’t think TK would throw around his body a bit more if he knew he was headed to the bench if he didn’t? If you told JC – “If you miss a boxout on two straight possessions, you’re coming out of the game” – don’t you think he would find a body to box? The OOC schedule is to establish systems and a style of play. Now is the time to send the message that if you don’t play tough, you aren’t playing at all.

CJ was a great rebounder because he prioritized it, he knew the team needed it, he had good instincts and was pretty athletic. AP should absolutely be grabbing a couple rebounds a game. The fact that he is 3 boards in 128 minutes is mind boggling to me. I wouldn’t even have thought that was possible, but he somehow managed to do it. That is less than 1 rebound PER FORTY MINUTES. In 53 minutes against Houston and Pitt, he didn’t get a single rebound.