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experience counts and early on, it’s showing. Give us time. It’s early. We will improve. A common refrain, for sure, but one that applies. At least, I hope it does.

First, congrats to the Bison of Bucknell for their showing last night against the Johnnies of SJU. Awesome! You did the PL good. Ayers was sensational. So, too, for the most part were the others in the starting five. Which, by the way, was comprised of 1 graduate student, 2 seniors, 1 junior and 1 sophomore. Great depth and talent. In fact, the roster as a whole comes in with 1.81 years of playing experience which is third best/highest in the PL and surpassed by only CU and Boston U. For comparison purposes, I give you Lehigh. Against Houston we started : 1 senior, 1 junior and 3 freshmen (yeah, I counted JC as a freshman…maybe we should be a “freshman +” if there was such a category). That stat earns us an 8th place ranking in the PL in terms of years of playing experience and ahead of only Navy and Army.

Most of us want W’s but too often forget they come with time and experience. Wasn’t it nice to witness CJ (sr.), HG (sr.), GK (sr.), AD (jr.) and CS (so.) do what they did last year? Hang in there, our time will come.