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I do not place tremendous value on experience but certainly there is some benefit. I put more value on a 22 year old versus an 18,19 year old. Give me a 22 year old senior that has never started a game over 90% of 18,19 year olds that have never started a game and I will beat you 9 out of 10 times. I believe this explains the parody that has existed in college basketball in the last 10 years. For the most part in my opinion it is due to mid-major programs playing with 4th and 5th year seniors, while major programs are playing with freshman and sophomores. The greatest win in Lehigh history does not happen if the star players at Duke are Juniors and Seniors. Bob Hurley’s senior laden Duke team beats 95% of mid-major programs by 40 no matter who is on their roster.

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