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I just hate the way Reed coached that game.  Brutal decision making in my opinion.  You give away all the momentum by putting CJ on the bench.  You give Pitt a mini run to end the first half from down a couple to up 5 at the half.  They go into locker room thinking OK we got this.  Then they use that confidence to blow you out in the second half.  When you are an undersized underdog, coach the game to win.  Take some risk, leave CJ on the floor.  You just look like an ass bringing him back with 1:30 to play when you put him on the bench with 5:00 to play.  Coaching to lose.

Second half total disaster.  And my favorite piece of coaching brilliance.  Reed calls 3 timeouts in the span about 2 minutes and the only thing he runs out of the 3 timeouts is the decision to go to a 2-3 for about 5 possessions when you are down 19 with 12 to play.  I know, how about calling a play for your All-American out of the timeout.  Run him off a double screen and get him a good look or clear the floor and let him run some isolation on the wing.  All we ever run is Gabe setting the high pick and roll at the 3 point line.

Our pick and roll D from bigs is terrible.  Again, coaching.


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