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Looks like Lehigh is getting 12 or 12.5 per – one point more than Pomeroy.

It seemed like we were caught fronting the Bayloy 7-footers way too often. Worse, there was no backside help and every lob over our 6’5″ defenders led those monsters right to the rim for easy dunks. If zone isn’t Reid’s thing, we should force their bigs to catch the ball higher on the post with their back to the basket. If and when we get beat down low, instead of allowing the 99% conversion on dunks, we need send them to the line. The Baylor bigs had at least 10 dunks, but only attempted 3 free throws.

Pitt appears to be much improved from last year’s team which finished 5-13 in Big East play, but they’ll get tested tonight by the Hawks. Let’s hope we make some 3’s, work hard on the boards and limit live ball turnovers.