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Quote: “With HC this Saturday and Lafayette on Saturday the 18th, we could be looking at a nice end of season attendance rally. To date, the number stands at 5,745. That’s 1,436/game and puts us ahead of both Army and Colgate but trailing all others. With this “free admission” announcement and knowing the importance of our other two home games (Holy Cross and Lafayette), we stand a good chance of catching Holy Cross (1,708 average) and American (1,874 average) by the end of play.”

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Just to clarify, the attendance figures above are only for PL games. LU’s overall “official” attendance averages 1050, and there is no chance to overtake Holy Cross’s average – which currently is 1620 – and little chance that LU can catch AU in attendance. Even for league games, I think it’s not very likely that LU will catch either of those two unless the accounting gets even more creative.

As for LU catching Bucknell in the PL race, if LU were to go undefeated in the second half – and if BU also lost another game resulting in both teams going 12-2 – then the tiebreaker could be interesting. If BU’s other loss was to AU, then LU would prevail in a tie. However if BU lost at HC then BU would prevail due to a higher RPI. Unclear what would happen if BU’s other loss was to Army or LC. (And Bucknell would prevail if their other loss was to CU or Navy.)