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My guess is Lehigh goes 5-2 in the second half with losses at Bucknell and at American. They could win the American game for sure, but I don’t see them winning at Bucknell. So, 6-1 could happen, but I would tend toward 5-2. Unfortunately for Lehigh, American has a scheduling advantage, in that they have Lehigh and Bucknell at home. Their road games are soft with games at Colgate, Holy Cross and Army. Also, Lehigh only has 3 left at home, while American has 4 left at home. So, all that being said, I would pick the top 3 as Bucknell (1), American (2) and Lehigh (3). The critical game left on the schedule is @ American on 2/9. That is for second place. I don’t see any way Bucknell loses 2 games the rest of the way, perhaps 1 (maybe @ American, or Lehigh at home), but I doubt that.