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Answering LU65’s question above, if LU and AU go 2-0 this week and if BU goes 1-1, the final RPI’s, according to RPIforecast will look something like this:

89 Bucknell
107 Lehigh
123 American

This will change a bit depending on how the three teams’ ooc opponents do this week, but it won’t change enough for LU to catch BU (or for AU to catch LU).

The rankings of the three teams in ooc strength of schedule:

140 Bucknell
324 American
325 Lehigh

Bucknell had a pretty tough ooc schedule with the exception of two games (St. Francis and Binghamton). Had those two games been against decent teams, the ranking might have been close to 100.

As for LU65’s other question, I don’t think there is any chance of LU getting an NIT bid. They likely have a good chance to get a bid to the CIT or CBI – if they want to extend their season to play in one of those.

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