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You gotta like our chances of finishing second in the standings knowing AU must face a disgruntled BU squad tomorrow night and then close out the season against a Lafayette team that may have a lot to play for on Saturday, i.e., the chance to host a 1st round playoff game a week from Wednesday. Meanwhile, if all goes according to Hoyle, we should have little trouble with the service academies – Navy tomorrow and Army on Saturday. Of course, as they say, “that’s why they play the game.” Now, as many have pointed-out, should AU put down BU, we could be looking at a 3-way tie atop the league come the close of business on Saturday. It then becomes a matter of RPI. And, as Bison 137 has already opined, “there is no chance at all of LU catching them (BU) in RPI.” If he’s reading this post, he may wish to offer up a guess as to what the final RPI Standings would look like under the following scenario: 2 LU wins, 2 AU wins, a BU loss to AU and a BU win over Navy. Just how far back in the RPI standings would LU be? And, how about our chances of making it into the NIT as an at-large entry under such a finish – win them all yet losing the tournament finale finishing 25-8? In 2007, as B137 pointed out, HC and BU finished tied at the top with HC winning it on RPI merit and going on to the NCAAs. That year, BU (22-9 and RPI 79) was not tabbed by the NIT as an at-large entry.