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I couldn’t agree more ’90. I would also add that the Wagner contract dates back a few years now, before they hired Hurley and he turned the program around. That is a traditionally poor program and it is 100% luck that they are now in the RPI top 100. When that contract was signed Wagner was likely a 200+ RPI school.

According to RPI forecast (, Lehigh has the 325 most difficult OOC schedule in the country. Our actual Strength of Schedule will be helped by PL play (that says quite a bit right there…) and we will likely finish in the 305-310 range for overall S.O.S. Again, that number is out of 344.

The problem isn’t at the top. I think that 3 garauntee games a year is fine. The problem is the middle. LU traditionally plays either BCS teams, or absolute bottom of the barrel NEC, MEAC, and MAAC teams. I think that the department needs to get creative, especially for next year. Why not schedule 1 more BCS garauntee game, and immediately turn around and split that money amongst 2 decent mid majors and try to get them to come to Stabler? Keeps the budget balanced, gives a chance to get quality home games (that might interest fans), and raises the S.O.S.

Lastly, I think there is a chance that Lehigh may host a 3 game pre-season weekend like we played in at Liberty and like Bucknell hosted itself this year. Bucknell is in a 3 year agreement with CBE and hosted in its second year, and now Lehigh would be entering the second year of a presumed three year agreement and I am hoping may be in line to host this coming season. Just a thought.

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