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I would love to see them play in CIT or CBI. You would see them against some legitimate programs from better conferences (obviously lower echelon this season), it might be a chance for alumni outside of the area to see them play in a locale close to them in a full gym, and if, by chance, they get on a run, they could win the thing, which is a huge springboard for next season. Also, would help in recruiting. I don’t care what tournament it is, if Lehigh won it, it is a huge deal for the program and the kids involved. Certainly a nice reward for the kids in the program and the coaching staff. These tournaments are “who cares” events for the top 60 programs in the country, but they are a big deal for everyone else. I would be thrilled if Lehigh brought home a CBI or CIT title. I wonder what the school’s reaction would be to a bid? Would they say great, go and play, or no way, too expensive and too much time away from school. I wonder how much you get paid to play in these tournaments.

If you look at who has won or done well in these tournaments, they are legitimate programs. CBI, last 4 years, won by Tulsa, Oregon State, VCU, Oregon with runner ups from Bradley, UTEP, St. Louis, and Creighton. Certainly was a springboard for VCU. They won in 2010, and went to the NCAA Final Four in 2011. And, also for Creighton. Runner up in 2011, and in 2012, they are 24-5 and were ranked a lot of the season.

CIT, is a little weaker, won by ODU, Missouri St, and Santa Clara, with runner ups from Bradley, Pacific and Iona. Also, a springboard for Iona, who was runner up last season, and 22-6, top of the Metro this season. Can’t say it was a springboard for Santa Clara, as they are 0-14 in the West Coast this season.

I wouldn’t see Lehigh getting a home game, but I would love to see a Lehigh/Maryland or Lehigh/UConn type of game. I would go to something like that, for sure.