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Definitely a good read TMH buddy, thanks for posting. Couple observations:

1.) Stefan still isn’t practicing, so him starting the season in a uniform is in jeopardy. Translation, I hope that means the first two guards off the bench are AP and MS, assuming opening night begins with CS MM AD in the starting 5.
2.) Leadership Posts – I’ve talked about how JC can be that next generation of leader post CJ/GK/HG, especially if production matches work ethic and focus. Well he was named the sophomore leader rep in Reed’s one leader per class initiative. That made me happy.
3.) Probably needs its own thread but its early and I’m tired, but saw we have 2 scrimmages lined up pre-Minny, in Wagner and Princeton. That is a good thing and hopefully we can learn/grow from those experiences and be better prepared for a big 10 opponent in the opener.