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Allow me to play devil’s advocate for a moment. In the last game, Lehigh suited up 10 guys. (1 senior, 1 junior, 2 sophs…only 1 of which played college basketball before this year and 6 freshmen). Most of these newcomers were used to success and being an integral part of that success.
Lehigh started the season with Minnesota, Rider (19 wins last season),Fordham, Houston, Pitt, Texas Southern (15-2 in-conference), South Dakota St. In all but 2 games, they got beat up. I started seeing a loss of confidence in several of those freshmen. I started seeing a lack of aggressiveness and attitude in our young front court. This team needed a game like Sacred Heart and another one right after it to continue the trend. I saw not only a change in results on Sunday but a change in attitude, esp with JC and SW. Hopefully AP will get some mojo back soon too. We could have scheduled St Joes or Drexel instead….and we could have have gotten our heads handed to us 2 more times. That’s no fun for the players nor the fans after a time. I fully understand the theory of what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger but I think that gets better results for a veteran team, which we are not this year. The next few games will help us get our legs under us again and apply some things we learned from the 1st 8 games.
Now let the rebuttal begin :-)