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Now let the rebuttal begin :-)

Haha, love me some discussion! I think what you say makes a lot of sense.

I also think it might have been home cooking as much as the opponent. We dismantled Rider (RPI 275) and Sacred Heart (306) at home. Yet lost or struggled against Houston (202), TX Southern (269), and SDSU (305) on the road.

Overall, I agree though. I’ve advocated before for the 1/3 splits. 1/3 reach games (BCS garauntees), 1/3 toss ups, and 1/3 “should wins”. Nothing wrong with scheduling a few games you expect to win handily. Right now, of Lehigh’s 13 OOC opponents 8 have RPI’s over 200, and 6 have RPI’s over 250. Lehigh currently through the games played has a Strength of Schedule rating of 212. I see nothing wrong with that with such a young team and I would not have wanted to play a more difficult schedule this year, just giving the numbers.