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I know I feel kinda silly about griping about our strength-of-schedule, preseason. At this point in time, I certainly wouldn’t have wanted it to be any tougher; youngs guys can probably be damaged by too many sound beatings. They need to believe that they can win.
That said, I would still love to see more of our “reach” games be against regional teams – A10 and philly schools being prime candidates. Is there a benefit to tournies like The Legends Classic that I’m overlooking? It annoys me that even if the stars aligned and everything broke our way against one of the big boys, we don’t get to advance. Do we enter those for some “exposure”, and the opportunity to play in the second, regional round? Or is there a financial benefit of some kind to the program?
My biggest hopes for tonight’s game: a solid win, a very strong performance on the boards, AP to resurface as a scorer, and to see at least one of our dinged guys back on the court. It was mentioned in another thread, but I too am concerned about the complete lack of info on AD’s status.