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Wow!  That kind of judgement on DC already?  I don’t know anything about him yet – but didn’t know that anybody else did either

Yes, that kind of judgment already.  When a recruited guy can’t get minutes ahead of 2 true walk-ons (CG and TS) in most of the games he played, that is telling, in my opinion.  I don’t think I have ever seen a recruited player lower on the depth chart than walk-ons, on any college team, ever.  Ability, attitude, defensive issues, practice habits, whatever, that is telling.  I have never seen a player looked so disinterested in warming up prior to games.  Anybody who is going to be a player at Lehigh’s level shows something in his first half season.  Look at the current roster of players we have (9 man rotation):

GK – Starter day 1

MM – Starter day 1

CJM – Starter game 3, stud day 1

HG – contributor by game 3, averaging double figure minutes in freshman season

AD – contributor game 1

CS – contributor game 1

SC – contributor game 1

BB – (at BU in fairness) – contributor by game 4

JG – contributor game 1, big contributor by game 14 


DC – 11 games, 2 DNPs, 9 games of garbage minutes after walkons, 1 made FG, 5 points, shooting 14% from the field.  Now off major knee injury.  I hope I am wrong, as I liked this guy coming out of high school, based on the limited info we had at the time.  But, he looks to be buried next season, with probably 6 guys ahead of him for minutes, and probably not ready for start of season.  I would be shocked if this guy does not transfer.  You have to consider him at major bust at this point of his career.


CB, we have basically 2 seasons of games to go from.  The coaches have tried and tried to get something from him, and gotten basically nothing.  He has gone from starter game 1 this season vs. Baylor, to bit player on a team with limited big men and size.  He has no ability to catch and score the basketball, and according to the coach, he doesn’t play because he is having defensive problems.  Averages more fouls than points or rebounds.  I know a lot of people on here have been high on him as a “rebounding machine” based on limited minute sample, but is anybody excited when he enters a game.  He has become an afterthought after JG’s emergence.