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lehigh90, you may or may not have your players confused.
Goldsborough   248 min    51 points 46 rebounds  51 PF
Baltimore            229 min    45 points  55 rebounds 39 PF
Their ppg are exactly the same. JG shoots about 50% from the field. CB is at about 40%. JG is shooting 65% from the line CB is shooting 90%.
They have the exact same # of assists, JG has 2 more blocks in an extra 19 min and CB has 7 steals to JG’s 3.
Interestingly, on a team where rebounding is sub-standard, CB is again the leading rebounder/min by far on the team. Both JG and CB are well ahead of the rest of the team in Blocks/min.
My point is this: Offensively,rebounding etc, you can’t come down on CB without coming down on JG. In fact, I would argue that CB has actually done better statistically. The difference is defense and specifically one particular portion of his defensive game. The problem is technical in nature, but if can overcome that hurdle, I suspect he will certainly move up the depth chart. This coach treasures defense and you can see the results.