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CB’s college career is half over in a month.  He has played, give or take, 50 college games.  Not so sure he is young player anymore, and he’s going backwards, not forwards.  He’s dropping down the depth chart, and his minutes are dropping.  And, the prospects could be bleaker next year with the arrival of several bigs.  Believe me, I don’t think JG is the second coming of Bill Walton, either, but the fact is, a “project” player like JG, who is clearly very raw, has surpassed CB.  39.4% from the field for a big guy who never shoots from outside 5 feet is terrible.  It’s the worst on the team outside of TS (a walkon) and DC, discussed above.  If my research is correct, he has 1 made FG in PL play and 2 points in PL play.  If this guy was the second coming of Dennis Rodman as a rebounder I could live with his other deficiencies, but he’s not.  2.8 rebounds a game, mostly in garbage, mop up play.