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Let me correct one contention from Lehigh90 and LU65. Although “mop up time” may have been accurate for CB last year, both JG and CB are their minutes by spelling GK and HG this year and not when games are out of hand so they are primarily playing against front line guys.
Although fouls is certainly a problem, it should be fixable. We are not discussing height or ball handling here. The problem, if I read it correctly, is off the ball physicality. Opponents are creating space off the ball which forces both JG and CB to play a little catch up resulting in fouls. They need to be coached through that. Is the physical talent there, I truly believe so.  I’m not one to give up on players in their freshman or sophomore seasons. Perhaps basketball is different but I have seen plenty of players in other sports here who didn’t make the significant contributions until later in their careers.