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Doubtful, for me, for American game. 

Regarding the minutes of JG/CB, they are usually playing against backups.  They may sub for HG and GK, but the other team is subbing as well.  Usually coaches are matching second team guys with second team guys.  Sometimes that is not the case, but usually.  So, you can enter at the 10 minute mark of the first half and still be playing against 2nd team guys on the other team.  Now, JG has gotten some run in critical spots late, like at Bucknell, but not CB.  His minutes, now, are against backups or in garbage time.  Or, maybe you see him if we have early foul trouble, then he may be forced to match on a first teamer.  Early in the year, that wasn’t the case, in games like Baylor and Pitt, when he had to play major minutes (starter at Baylor) due to size differential.  But, now, he is down to less than 10 minutes per game, sometimes much less, sometimes DNP.  You could find it out on KenPom, I believe, when he enters, but I don’t have access.  I don’t think CB will match on Lumpkins or Wroblicky tonight.

Tricky game tonight by the way.  Not as one-sided as it looks on paper.  Lehigh needs to come out strong early, and build a lead, then cruise home.