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I have no real inside information on this matter but the recruiting process has modernized since the McCaffrey/Duke days.  There are services out there today who rate the players by ability, provide the academics and in many cases indicate what schools the recruit has a preliminary interest in. That narrows the range considerably some time.  As Bison indicated, most scouting is done at the AAU tournaments and there are now a ton of them. The workload for a sport like basketball is usually split up among the coaches. Wasn’t it Logie who first spotted CJ? Often recruits are found that are not even being targeted. I’m not sure whether coaches tape the tournaments or simply take notes but Coach seemed to have a lot of tape on AP. I suspect that if the candidate looks to be”offer ready”, the HC will go to another AAU tournament to watch. Travel budgets however are limited and our search is national now. Unless the recruit is local, they rarely go to HS games anymore. Heck, most recruits commit before their senior season even begins.