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My question is what was going on in 2007.  The article mentions the year twice.  Once as the last time we had such a high % of athletes apply early decision and second as the last time there were this many “ones” and “twos.”  What as going on in 2006-2007 to make our recruiting efforts so fruitful then?  And what happened in the subsequent 4 years?

I do agree that this seems to be a golden era for Lehigh sports which makes me wonder why one only has to go back 5 years to find a comparable period of recruiting success.  Anyone else pick up on that?  I would also be very interested to hear the perspective of a long time coach like Sean Leary who has not seen a significant bump in performance over the last few years.  Have the increased recognition of the university in fball, lax, and basketball not translated to baseball recruiting?

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