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I have no insider info, but the feeling I get is that BJ is gone after this year.  He clearly seems to view the Big 3 as “classmates” and even the groupings on the poster schedule have those 4 together.

As for the scholarship limit, I can see no reason on why the Athletic Department would so clearly note that BJ is a walk-on unless that is truly the case.  Obviously he has had some unusual circumstances, so no one truly knows, but I have to think that he is not being counted against the scholarship limit.

The other question however, is if LU is going with the NCAA limit of 13 basketball scholarships, or limiting themselves to 12 like Lafayette and even Bucknell.  Bucknell had 13 scholarships for awhile but it was apparently in order to balance their classes after some incoming and outgoing transfers and skewed the numbers.  Is it possible the Lehigh too is trying to limit themselves to 4 classes of 3 scholarship athletes at a time?  I can’t remember a class that included more than 3 scholarship players.