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Could we be looking at a starting 5 next season of:

MM (1) AP (2) SW (3) JC (4) TK (5)?

I think that could be a real possibility.  I think Reed needs to give a lot of thought early next season, to potentially turning the page and starting with a clean slate to try and rebuild quickly.  If history is repeated the incoming group after the McCollum era may be more talented that what is on the current roster (Big 3 excluded).  In my opinion, guys like CB, AD, JG, CS, DC and SC may never be true impact players (potential to be first or second team PL).  Maybe you try to get a core group together for a 4 year run, and hope they develop quickly.  Just a thought. 

If you look at the major impact guys in recent history, they all pretty much were starters day 1 on campus.  I can’t think of a stud Lehigh player that sat for an extended time on the bench before getting big minutes.  If you look at a list from the last 25 seasons you have guys like Queenan, Polaha, Krizansky, Mbonu, Olivero, Logie, Glenn, McCollum, Knutson, Hall, McKnight and all were starters Day 1.  Guys who transferred in later like Rowland and Knight also were starters day 1.  The only impact guy who may not have started for 4 seasons that I can recall would be Eppehimer, but not sure about that.

To muddle this a bit more, I think that if Reed is going to try to make a jump up the coaching ranks, this is the obvious offseason to do it.  Maybe he can move up to a MAC, A-10 type of job.  If Lehigh again wins a conference championship and has a respectable NCAA showing, his worth may never be higher.  Does anybody who has had interactions with Reed have a feeling on this?  Could he be happy at Lehigh for the long-term or is this a stop on his step up the ladder?  This is going to be the most critical offseason since McCaffrey left and David Duke took over.