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Not to beat a dead horse, but who would have predicted that through 7 games Cory Goodman (my new favorite LU player due to his blogging) would have outscored our ENTIRE freshman class.  Wow.

Predicting a starting 5 for next year is a very dangerous game at this point, but I don’t see 4 guys with no college experience starting at once.  This is the hype game we get into with these freshman we know little about (although granted we have a lot more info/video on AP and SW especially than we did for JG for example).  I don’t see SW and JC starting together, as they seem to be somewhat similar players.  Also CS, AD, and SC will have all been solid rotation guys for at least 2 years at that point and I don’t see all 3 being shut out of the starting 5.  I could see something like MM at the 1, AP at the 2, SC or AD at the 3, JC at the 4, and maybe CB at 5. I don’t want to pencil in TK as a starter with such little info on him although he will be easily the tallest player on the squad next year.

Here is another thought, do we need to be concerned about DC possibly tansferring? We all know he has very high aspirations for himself, and I’m sure this isn’t how he envisioned the first quarter of his college season going. Might he go somewhere else in search of some court time? Obviously we graduate a ton of minutes next year, but even so, he’s behind CS, SC, AD with AP is coming in next year. Not to mention that JC and SW both look capable of playing some 3, and there will be zero available minutes at the 1.