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I love the early projecting, adds to the conversation, although probably not too accurate.  I guess my point is that you sort of know what you have pretty quickly at a mid-major.  No stars are going to sit for full seasons.  I think you also can be forced to play your best 5, regardless of position, like Lehigh is being forced to do this season.  I think DC transferring is a definite possibility if he doesn’t get any run.  I mentioned that before on here, and I think it becomes more likely by the game.  I put his odds on being back next year at 50/50.  Just have a bad feeling about how this is going.

Off to coach my 10 year old son in travel hoops as they have their opener tonight.  He plays on the wing and wears #3.  Just guess who his favorite player is?  Only wish he had CJ’s game.