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Great post 90, as usual man, pretty well thought out. For LU to have some sustained success, AP/TK/SW has to be a CJ/GK/HG type class. In fact, adding JC into that mix as “newcomers” for next year, I think you need 2 all league guys with one of the two being legit league MVP talents. On top of that you need one of the other two to be atleast a HG type guy. Next year’s junior class, at best, is going to finish up 4 years with a C+/B- score. 3 Schollies, no starters in first two years(granted team was loaded) and at this point no guarantee starters next year either. I know CS has a shot and CB would as well, but not guaranteed right now. DC, JG, JC class gets an incomplete right now, but certainly the impact through 6 games is quite below what expectations were. AP/TK/SW + JC have to pretty much all break right for a legit sustained run, and agreed Reed/Co need to hit next years class hard as well. If you can get back to back home run classes you are pretty much set for next 4 years.