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Collins to Northwestern done.

I think of that list of openings, the only ones of consequence for Reed would be:

Siena (probably a step up, but not a huge jump up)

San Jose State (again, maybe small step up, but unlikely, no ties to West Coast)

UCLA (never going to be a candidate for that position)

Minnesota (perfect fit for him, but probably not a candidate)

Ball State (logical step up to MAC, probably a good fit, but no way they go for 2 Lehigh coaches in a row)

Looks like he is back next season.  One thing we haven’t considered with Reed.  Would he jump to a top program as an assistant?  If Tom Izzo called, would he join that staff as an assistant or Associate Head Coach?  Even though step down in prestige, probably a step up in cash.  He could be a waiting in the wings guy to a major program with an older head coach.