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I will sum it up. I agree BU has a great team. The reason LU is losing is because they are not playing as a team. When Jordan is hot, Reed takes him out, Adams played really well, Reed puts Greiner back in, Maneri playing well, Reed goes with his golden boy, Gabe. Seniors may not be superstars, but they have played tough the past few games. Are they rewarded? Nope. How can you expect players who have played better than some of your starters to be motivated to give it their all, when there is a clear bias with Reed’s junior class. Reed reverts back to his comfort zone. Preseason they played as s team. Once PL began, he went back to what is comfortable. Oh yes, Paulsen out coaches Reed every time, the man knows how to get the best out of his players. When you have a superstart who is trying to break records instead of passing the ball, you lose, he wins, because he will play overseas. I had great hopes for this team; unless they play team ball, this is their last shot at the NCAA for many years to come. I may be wrong, but I do not see them making it to the NCAA next year, even with CJ. Just plain old selfish non team ball and a bias coach who is not listening to his assistants. As much as I want them to be competitive, it does not take a rocket scientist to see this is not team ball. Get it now Reed or you lose the season!

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