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Wow, norcal, wow!

“When you have a superstart who is trying to break records instead of passing the ball, you lose, he wins…”

What game or games have you been watching, lately? In the BU game, CJ dished out 9 helpers. In the 6 PL games played to date, his assist total stands at 18 or 24% of all team assists. That’s 4th best in the PL. In my opinion and in the opinion of many I speak to at the games, CJ is a team-player and widelly respected as such. I have no problem with our star player/scorer taking 32.5% of our shots and playing 35+ minutes of every game. His talents cry out for it. He’s our “go-to” guy, just as Muscala (BU), Hinkle (AU), Brown (HC), Melville (CU), Avila (Navy), Ellis (Army), and Willen (LC) are for their teams. Each also dominates in terms of percent shots taken at number >25%. Seriously doubt there’s a selfish one among them. CJ just happens to be responsible for 33.2% (149 out of 449) of our points and 19.3% of our rebounds. He’s our star. Embrace him. I’ve watched every game the guy as played and have spoken to him on a number of occasions, let me assure you he is “team first.” Better yet, he knows that’s his ticket back to the NCAAs. Still doubt he’s a team player? Look at it in perhaps a selfish way. At 6’3″/183 lb, CJ knows his only hope at the next level – something we all think he wants – is as a point guard. Think PG….Think Team…Think CJ.