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Quote: “I have no problem with our star player/scorer taking 32.5% of our shots and playing 35+ minutes of every game. His talents cry out for it. He’s our “go-to” guy, just as Muscala (BU), Hinkle (AU), Brown (HC), Melville (CU), Avila (Navy), Ellis (Army), and Willen (LC) are for their teams. Each also dominates in terms of percent shots taken at number >25%.”

I don’t think CJ’s pct of shots is exactly comparable to many of the others – nor would I expect it to be with his ability to create shots. The top few in the PL take a significantly higher pct of their team’s shots than do the rest. From Pomeroy, here is each team’s leader is pct of shots taken while they are on the floor:

Ellis 32.8%
CJ 32.5%
Hinkle 30.5%
Avila 28.7%
Muscala 27.5%
Brown 26.8%
Willen 25.9%
Melville 24.6%

Putting it in persepctive, CJ takes 18% more of LU’s shots than Muscala takes BU shots. He takes 25% more of LU’s shots than Willen takes of LC’s shots. Etc. As you can see from above, Ellis of Army takes an even higher percentage of their shots than does CJ – which is at least partly necessary due to Army having very few offensive weapons and virtually no post game. In CJ’s case, I have no problem with him taking a lot of LU’s shots as long as he can find the open man when the shot is not there.