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Bison137 has the stats. I can only speak to what I see on the screen. When there is an open man, CJ, Gabe and Greiner are not passing the ball. See the quote from their captain, Hamilton who said just that, they are not passing the ball. You cannot expect a 100% of the other players on the team when they never know if and when you will pass the ball. I can see other players waiting and looking, CJ, Gabe and Greiner do not even give them a look. An announcer at I believe was the Colgate game commented on the fact that when Gabe gets the ball, it rarely comes back out. This is not just me talking, others see it and you better believe good coaches like Paulsen has Reed’s number. Like I said, no team, no PL championship, no NCAA. Reed needs to get these three to play team ball or he will lose the respect of the remaining players.

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