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This was so freeking long ago it seems I don’t even feel like getting into this nor does my memory serve and I don’t want to go back and look everything up. BUT, I’ll just sound the relax bell for all those who think team is not making ncaa tournament game because they lost to a good team at home. Folks, we didn’t play our best, and lost, it happens. Couple of things to think positive about:

1.) CJ and our big 3 in total all had rough nights. Neither CJ/HG/GK put in an A effort. If I remember, this felt like a lot of big games with CJ not getting consistent shots and going long stretches not doing anything on the offensive end. Credit Cohen, obviously, but CJ is a big boy now as a jr and should be taking it to him by now. Odds are if we play them 2 more times that our big 3 perform much better.

2.) Mackey – He didnt’ shoot well I don’t think, but I remember saying BU has no one, no one, no one that can keep MM out of the paint. Ayers, Hill, Kasper NO ONE can stop MM from penetrating.

3.) We out-rebounded them.

4.) They way out shot us from 3-ball if I remember correctly, with Cohen getting 3 or 4.

5.) I don’t give a rats arse how many shots CJ takes, % of X or Y or Z, he is best offensive player in history of the league, he should be taking more shots if you ask me. He is also too unselfish if you ask most of us who watch the LU games, NorCal man, I do not know what you’ve been watching lately, but I thought you were in a good mood with the JA resurgence!!! CJ is one of the most unselfish big time scorers you’ll see, who is happy to get assists and set guys up, he is what 4th or 5th in PL in dimes this year…only argument from me on CJ is lack of big game performances minus lafayette championship game his freshman year. Lack of getting consistent touches and getting his on regular basis, and a lot of that goes to Reed for not seeing this/picking up on trend/consistently running sets for him….He has struggled in last 4 games versus BU, St Johns, ISU, MSU, etc…..he will be fine, we will compete with BU, they’re deeper/better coached, but I think if we can snag 2 seed from AU, and stay away from HC who sucks but owns us, we’ll see BU in the finals and see what happens…I truly have a hard time believing we lose up there again….I am rooting for 0-2 reg season and then steal the 3rd at their place with the lights on…