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Yes I am happy to see all the seniors on the floor, not just Adams. As for minutes, yes I want them to have more minutes, I am not arguing about minutes, so why is that a discussion. If neither are performing, I have no problem with them on the bench. Again, if we play as a team, we can beat BU and anyone else in the league, if we don’t we lose, simple as that. I will not argue this point any longer. I am an LU fan, want them to win, but team first. If any player could take as many shots as CJ, they percentage would be higher. I do care about how many shots he takes when someone else is a better option. We need a team to take it all the way! While we are at it, why is Mackey not starting? He can’t win without him. Corey is doing a great job, but against a team like BU, not mature enough to handle the pressure.