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This is the PL, so a stud at any position is a big positive. In general, need to recruit to replace this years Sophs so they are ready to start as Jrs. My order of preference.

#1 RB, 1 Sr that has underperformed and 2 Jrs with 0 carries on the roster next year, plus maybe Yosha
#2 DL, weakest position this year and would be my #1 if RBs were not so depleted
#3 QB, Poutier injury, McHale ineffective, Shaf, pretty thin here and as we saw this year a big problem if one gets hurt
#4 WR, Paris and Gaul graduate next year, little experience after that
#5 TE, Colgate and Coyle graduate next year
#6 P, only because have never seen Devine kick and he is only punter on next years roster
#7 FB, not a critical position in our O, but only one returning
#8 OL, DB and LB, lot of talent returning but these guys usually fill special teams too