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Man no one could have written a better script last night, perfect game. Loved so much about that, for a young team to win at home like that, keep lead up and keep game really out of distance for most part, fantastic.
These 5 guys are special additions to team. AP with 36 points in first two games are ya kidding me. Said it before Fran McCaferty knows talent and fact AP was a week or two away from a confirmed booked official at Iowa was a good sign. Huge credit to Reed for closing AP, assist toTK to texting him daily after their LU officials…that wi make for quite a story years down the road as these two roomies grow together. TK, it’s easy to point to the obvious that he’s not a windex glass cleaner or a defensive monster or a leaper….but as they said on broadcast last night a guy with his size who has a legit feel for game out of post this early in career wow…upside for him in our league is huge, he will get stronger and quicker and better. 6’10 plus at 250 in another year with that touch down low will be beast mode.
JC confirmed what coaching staff knew, he can pop three ball. He was also active on boards with four offensive and four defensive boards. Also blocked and altered some. MS looked good, more smooth and some nice drives and passes, 6 and 3 in 15 minutes perfect. SW had some positive moments as well. We did see the jumbo package for a tiny bit with SW at 3, he’s the swing man lineup guy.

MM maestro man double double fantastic.

Great game big win, lots to be excited about.