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As noted earlier, there is a lot to be excited and optimistic about with the 2013-2014 version of Lehigh basketball.
I do have two concerns though before the euphoria gets too great.
1.)I wish we could learn to attack the basket more. This is perhaps the most athletic team we’ve had at Lehigh in years and yet nearly half of our shot attempts are from beyond the 3 point line. As Lehigh90 pointed by the 3, die by the 3.
Some interesting stats so far.
Mackey McKnight is shooting 70% from the 3 so far. It is highly unlikely that he will keep up that pace all year.
Austin Price is averaging 18 ppg so far this year. He has only made 3 shots inside the paint (attempted 5). It won’t take long before coaches figure that out.
Jesse Chuku was 0-8 from the 3 in game 1 (we lost). He was 4-4 in game 2 (we won).
Our opponents attempted 9 less treys and took 18 more foul shots. That’s a useful bi-product of penetration basketball.

I decided to focus on our rebounding technique this year with a near turnover in our front court (in terms of minutes). After 5 minutes of basketball, I gave up looking for a box out. JC has good #s due to his incredible length. Our next 2 leading rebounders are our PGs (MM and CS). We need to get much better at establishing position and using good technique if we ever want to compete at the next level. TK needs to work on his vertical and get softer hands (although he has some really polished post moves).

Trivia question…does anyone remember a freshman averaging more points as a freshman at Lehigh than he ever scored at the HS level?