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TMH – good to spend some time with you last night. Let’s do it again on 12/1 (Sacred Heart). Hopefully other posters will join in.

While I agree with much of what you’re saying (establishing stronger positions under the rim, etc.), remember we pull down 35 boards vs. Minny (10 by JC) and did out-rebound Rider by one, 30-29. Granted, much of it was due to the bounce of the ball but isn’t that game of basketball? Also, you’re not going to post massive numbers on the offensive glass when you hit 62+% of your shots.

Yes, “you live by the three, you die by the three.” But last night I simply believe it was a case of taking what the defense was giving, i.e., the “3.” Of the 14 made 3-pointers, 10 had to be uncontested or nearly so. That’s upwards of 21-30 gift points. While I haven’t seen AP, MS, CR, JC, and SW drive/ penetrate that often, I’m guessing they can. Some, no doubt, will be productive. Like you, I can’t wait to see who and evaluate that part of their game. Surely Macky and Corey can make those moves to the rim and have proven to be productive contributors. Ah, the beauty of these early season games.

The fun continues on Friday.