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I am also interested in seeing how AP responds to coaches adapting to his play. He is never going to get as many wide open looks as he got at Rider. His first four or five threes where literally like shooting warm-up shots. I am by no means taking anything away from his performance which has been very good since the 2nd half of Minny game. Some unanswered questions are his ability to guard a physical attacking guard, some struggles in 2nd half of Rider game. Also, can he put it on the floor and attack once coaches adjust. One time AP attempted this against Rider his shot was blocked. I am very optimistic about these young kids and think they are loaded with talent. I cannot wait until adversity hits to see how the handle it. That to me will show more about this team than anything. What will they do down 5 with 5 minutes on the clock in a game they are suppose to win?