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D has become a shambles.It is not ,IMO, due specifically . to lack of talent.Overal l is this D is as talented as those under coach K. The major drawback is that Coach K is not the DC.
Other than Newton, we have a cookie cutter assembly of tall athletic guys not one of whom is a run stuffer. K believed in bend dont break using Front 7 pressure to balance soft coverage. Front 7 does zip to protect 2ndary as DL fails to protect LBs on run plays. There is individual talent on D but there is little ,if any, coordination. This is coaching.

it is not lack of talent at rb as much as lack of outside speed. Brown,Kee and Farrell were all A-S RBs in HS. Ol has been solid all yr except for today. Part of that was the stellar play of the BU front.
As we saw today, if O fails to show up,we cannot win. Only small bright spot was the running of Nick.Otherise everyone else merely went thru the motions