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Agree with Hawkineer.

First game I’ve seen this year in person.

It was a cluster in every way.

1) We had more fans than they did — but we had no cheerleaders or band. Our kids can’t travel for a game two hours away? Sad.

2) How many mistakes can you make in one game an expect to get away with them? Seems like guys might have been banged up. Kurfis seemingly dropped more passes today than in his entire career (hardly any). I think Sansone dropped more than he’s caught in his career. I’ve never seen as many drops by receivers. I’ve never seen Farrell stuffed twice like he was today. Ward is an incredible player, but the one that got through his hands led to a score by BU. Offsides on an otherwise perfect onside kickoff from the kicker to himself? Several key plays displayed a lack of focus that put this team way behind.

3) The D was an absolute sieve. Lax pass coverage, allowing QB to escape pressure, giving up big third-and long first downs — things that have been consistently shaky all year.

4) Bucknell was up for this game and was a step quicker than we were consistently. We set up several screens that were just a split second away from big plays, but BU was a step quicker.

5) The wind seemed to affect BB, whose balls either were floating a bit — and BU did a good job on coverage. I was not impressed by BB’s scrambling, compared to McHale (who seems to have the tools but forced a few throws into trouble) and Shafnisky, who looks like a shifty runner.

6) I hope BB is OK. Didn’t look good coming off field.

7) Outcome was shocking — I’ve not witnessed such a one-sided bad Lehjgh game in person in decades. But I guess I can’t be too surprised, having watched every other game this year. Kept expecting a comeback, but …

When LU plays heads-up offense, they can compete with anyone.

Will be an interesting rest of the season. Let’s see what these guys are made of. The potential is there to run the table and compete for the title, but it will take some serious soul-searching, preparation and dedication to excellence.