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I got to see my second game live today. Here are my impressions for what it’s worth.
JC..Superb game. The difference between this game and many of the others was attitude. Granted, Sacred Heart is not Pitt, Minnesota or even a mid level Patriot League team but he played extremely hard.Someone said that he may be a 3 in a 4s body. Based on this game alone, he may be a 5 in a 4s body. He played extended minutes at the 5 when TK sat and controlled the paint like I hadn’t seen in years both offensively and defensively. Besides the points, rebounds and blocks, he altered a ton of other shots and went up hard for boards.
TK..No change IMHO. He still has A+ post moves but there is a growth curve to take place. He needs to understand that it is more than OK to kick the ball back out when there is nothing inside. When guys are collapsing on him, others are wide open. He still needs to elevate and work on his hands. This is no disrespect. He is going to be a star in this league but for now, he needs to keep learning and improving.
MM…showed me what a floor leader he was today. Very vocal. Consistently found the open guy. Can score in a lot of ways
CS…Perhaps the most consistently solid guy on the court. Shot well today. Doesn’t make many mistakes. Type of player every team needs.
SW….Shane has absolutely zero confidence in his outside shot. Hesitates a lot in wide open looks and it cost him…however…he found some confidence taking it to the hole today and he was impressive doing it. What I like the most however was that he hit the boards hard. I think JC may have been a bit contagious.
AP..Has taken a major step backward. He seems to have taken on the SC role I had predicted and I’m not sure why. Offensively, 72% of his attempts have been 3s. He has 6 rebounds and 4 assists in 8 games. This game, I was even unimpressed with his defense. He plays well off the ball, leaving several wide open 3s and got burned a couple of times on backdoor plays. This is in contrast to the guy I saw play against Rider, who appeared to have a good handle and played heady defense. He is young however and will adapt.
JG…played limited minutes due to early foul trouble but I thought played hard and pinned one ball against the glass. Stats didn’t reflect his play IMHO.
MS…reminds me a lot of MM but needs to adjust to the college game. I’m anxious to watch him mature. Also played limited minutes.