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I agree that we just put this one behind us and move on. However, I can’t resist beating the dead horse. We got killed on the glass by one of the worst rebounding teams in D1. TK did his part, but somebody else has GOT to contribute. And looking over NCAA stats, I’m lead to believe that it’s GOT to be an issue with fundamentals – boxing out, etc. Our number of total rebounds isn’t good, but our opponents rebounding numbers are appalling. Bucky serves as a good reference here. Similar overall team rebounding numbers, but they prevent opponents from getting a ton. Less missed shots maybe? I dunno. They’re actually very high in the rankings of opponents rebounding totals – #19 in D1 as of this morning.
I missed about the first 4 minutes of the game, and by the time I got on JC was on the bench. I’m assuming he picked up a couple of VERY quick fouls? I know he got his 3rd almost immediately after returning to the floor. If he’s on the bench for foul trouble, somebody else has GOT to hit the glass. And they all need to get into rebounding position and box out. Could have use CB last night, I guess.
In the situation we were in, with JC foul trouble, a short bench, and getting murdered on the glass – would you not have expected to see more JG? I think I must be missing something that is a serious flaw in his game, because I would have had him on the floor a LOT last night. He still has trouble catching, but he appears to be capable on defense and on the glass, to my untrained eye.

@65 – totally with you on the KenPom thing. Amazing how accurate those projections have been this year.