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I was kind of multitasking with one eye on the game, but I was struck by how soft we were in the paint. St.F seemed to score very easily by dumping down into the low post iso. And this with much smaller guys. If St.F is going to be able to eat up our bigs in the post, what will happen against the likes of Bucknell?

It is doubly striking that JC fouled out AND that he was NOT a presence in the block – on O or D. I’m not so concerned about the O right now – the shots will fall eventually. But, JC has the potential to dominate in the paint – defensively – in a way we haven’t seen since Zahir Carrington. If he is going to use all 5 fouls then he ought to alter/block a few shots in the process and be an intimidation factor. But, St.F was NOT intimidated by our D at all ..

We were very fortunate that CoreyS had a great shooting game – especially from 3 – because otherwise we make the ride back to campus with a big “L” …