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Great to get a road win with such a young team and short bench, no matter who the opponent is.

Can’t help but sympathize with the coaches dealing with the inconsistency of these young players. Chuku’s back to back games are an all-time performance in inconsistency (26 and 15, to 0 and 1) and Whitfield also had a roller coaster two games (9 and 6 to 1 and 1). Great to see AP and MS step up, and Tim is clearly working to get more boards.

Goldsborough can rebound but in addition to his 5 boards, he also had 3 turnovers, basically cancelling out his contribution on the glass. Tough to stay on the court when you can’t be trusted to maintain possession.

To GoHawk’s point, this team is just really soft and not ready/willing to deal with the physicality of college basketball. Has anyone seen the numbers that Dave Dudzinski is putting up for Holy Cross? If our softness continues, he might go for 40 and 20 against our frontcourt (slight exaggeration).