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If we could get some basic consistency this team would be dangerous. We have some nice consistency in the backcourt with MM and CS. You pretty much know what you are going to get from them every night, and it is generally good, often very good. TK, for a freshman, is scoring consistently. I would, obviously, like him to share the ball out of the post on occasion and consistently rebound, but it will come. Nice effort on glass last night. Chuku is the biggest enigma. Never know what you get, could be spectacular, could be non-existent. SW is similar, as is AP, but that is freshmen in general. All in all, very talented group, and hope they find that consistency moving into PL play.

I actually rewatched probably the best 10-12 minutes of Lehigh basketball ever late last night that I had taped on my DVR. If you ever want to see something fun and something great, watch the first 10-12 minutes of Lehigh/Xavier 2nd Round NCAA. Beautiful basketball for that span, then just turn it off. Man, Holden was a killer early in that game. I will still never get over Reed pulling CJ with 2 fouls. I love to rewatch the 50 or so minutes of Duke/Xavier. Fun times.