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From the world of “anything is possible,” let’s not overlook what Fairleigh Dickenson University (FDU) – ranked 9th in the NEC (one up from SFU) and 349th overall 10 days ago – did to both Rutgers and Seton Hall in the past 7 days. They won ‘em both. Can’t help but think the message was delivered by both coaches going into tonight’s contest.

Here’s a quick look back at our OOC program this year. Two sets of numbers – the first is how the team was ranked at the end of last year followed by their present day group rankings. Stats are from Pomeroy. Again it shows our design of playing 2 top flight (Top 100) teams, a number of middle of the road and thereby competitive/but winnable games, and a couple of highly winnable games. Or, something along the lines of – but not quite – the 1/3, 1/3, and 1/3 mix of talent many have spoke of in other threads. The average Pomeroy ranking of our 13 OOC opponents going into play was 188. Not bad….in fact, probably highly satisfactory. Today, the 13 – many off to poor starts – average 194.

Top 100 Teams: 2 / 2
101-220 Teams: 9 / 5
221 – 351 Teams: 2 / 6

That said, I completely understand and agree with the need/desire to schedule A10/Colonial AA Conference teams the likes of LaSalle, St. Joe’s, Drexel, and Delaware for all the reasons given. But, until that happens at least be glad we picked up Brant (4-2, Pomeroy #129, and atop the NEC) and Quinnipiac (4-2, Pomeroy #147, and atop the MEAA). Both sit some 60-80 spots ahead of us in national polls and promise to be all this young team of ours can handle.