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Quote: Why we can’t get 2 for 1′s with CAA and A-10 schools is the ultimate scheduling mystery for me in regards to Lehigh.

I’d suspect that the answer is simply that Lehigh doesn’t have a strong desire to play those teams. In recent years, Bucknell has had the following series:

– St. Joes: two for one
– LaSalle: three for two
– St. Bona: home and home
– Richmond: double home and home
– GMU: home and home
– Drexel: home and home
– Kent State: home and home
– Ohio U: home and home
– Penn State: two for one (originally) – but series may have been extended

Other decent home-and-homes have included Boston U and Loyola prior to their addition to the PL.

There could be some financial element, as in the home team guaranteeing the visitors’ expenses, but I doubt that is a major element. Also it appears that fear of losing was not a major element for the A10/CAA/MAC teams since BU has been pretty good in recent years – especially at home – and won 7 of the 10 home games played in the above series (not including Loyola and Boston). If Bucknell is able to get these types of series, it seems that LU should also be able to do so.