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I thought this to be a good time to post something I found on the HC Board a few weeks ago. The first few parts were authored by WorcesterGray. I added the 6 year average comment and the paragraphs that follow.

Source: Pomeroy

Holy Cross 207
Bucknell 219
American 226
Lafayette 299
Colgate 312
Lehigh 332
Army 334
Navy 341

Bucknell 152
American 207
Holy Cross 271
Lafayette 284
Colgate 305
Navy 326
Army 329
Lehigh 342

Holy Cross 202
American 318
Bucknell 319
Colgate 320
Lehigh 341
Navy 342
Army 344
Lafayette 347

Bucknell 107
Holy Cross 182
Lafayette 197
American 247
Colgate 266
Lehigh 274
Navy 302
Army 326

Bucknell 69
Lafayette 204
Holy Cross 215
Lehigh 224
Colgate 284
Navy 293
American 297
Army 344

Bucknell 92
Lehigh 180
Boston U 182
Loyola (MD) 223
Colgate 233
Lafayette 245
American 249
Holy Cross 250
Army 310
Navy 341


Bucknell 160
Holy Cross 221
American 257
Lafayette 263
Colgate 286
Lehigh 283
Navy 324
Army 331

At least Lehigh seems headed in the right direction.

’07-’08 332
’08-’09 342
’09-’10 341
’10-’11 274
’11-’12 224
’12-’13 180
’13-’14 ???? (incomplete at the moment)

All that said, I wouldn’t read too much into Strength of Schedule. Sure, as fans, we’d all like to play a Top 100 team every night we take the floor. Or, at least a team ranked higher than 200. But, that’s not always possible for a variety of reasons or, for that matter, is it a sure-fire way to prepare yourself for league play. Take for instance the 2011-12 season. That year we used the 224th ranked OOC schedule as a springboard to win the PL Conference Tournament and went onto score our first victory in NCAA tournament play. The season in which we claimed both the PL Regular Season and Tournament Championship (2009-10), we prepped ourselves first by playing the 341 worst ranked OOC Schedule. Go figure!

Don’t think I’m a big apologist for the administration. I assure you, I’m not. Just keepin’ it real and, like most of you, hoping for improved levels of competition (Top 150 on average would be fine year in – year out) and some home contests featuring teams, as has been mentioned before, out of the Atlantic 10. It seems like a “no-brainer” – the A-10, that is. It’s a strong (7th ranked last year) yet neighboring (11 of their 13 teams within a six hour drive of Bethlehem) conference with strong athletic programs and active alumni followings. What more can you ask for?!

The scheduling duties fell to Coach Ott last year. No excuses……just the fact. Whomever inherits the reigns this season will have his hands full, no doubt. Lord, may he hear our cry.