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Regular Season Games Allowed:

31 games in one season, consisting of:

27 regular schedule games

+ up to 4 games if in an MTE like the Preseason NIT, Legends Classic, etc.


29 games if not participating in such a tournaments.

[Source: NCAA 2010-11 Division 1 Manual, Section 17.3.5 Number of Contests]

With 10 PL teams, here’s the math:

18 PL games (9 x 2….home and away)
+4 Assuming LU participates in a MTE (I’m convinced we will and thinking it’ll be either “The Legends” or “Coaches vs. Cancer.” Inclined to go with the former.)
+9 Others

The 9 “Others” will likely be split:

2 Majors (Minnesota and ???) – both away
4 Based on last year’s schedule. They are St. Francis PA and Sacred Heart – both at Stabler. Bryant and Fordham – both on the road. Each being nothing more than my best guess.
3 “Anyone’s best guess”

Happy to say there should be little room for a D-3 to sneak in.